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GrabOne close to 1 million vouchers sold

It certainly has been a dream run for NZ group buying site GrabOne.co.nz. Since launching in July 2010 they have become (and stayed) the number one voucher site in New Zealand. Now, 9 months since their launch, Grab One are about to give birth to a big one! :) 1 million vouchers sold!

In a country as small as New Zealand a million of anything is rather a big deal. But in this age of technology, social media and credit cards a million can indeed tick up quickly. The pedestal 1 million mark means that 1 million deals have been sold to everyday kiwis. According to GrabOne, this means over $31 million dollars have been saved.

With TV ads, newspaper ads, radio ads and a billboard on every corner (I saw 4 - 5 today), GrabOne is definitely dominating the market of One Day Sale New Zealand. Online voucher sites are close to being classed as mainstream, evidenced by the fact that my auntie Noreen (who still proudly runs Windows 98) has recently bought her first GrabOne coupon.

GrabOne aka "GrabOneMillion" continues to grow and innovate and they are working on someting NEW that they will be releasing in the next few weeks. Yes, another innovation! We have had, Wine, we've had Tees, we've had Products and retail added recently. What will they come out with next? A few weeks and well know!

And with 9 months now passed, GrabOne still remains the only voucher site with more than 5 regions serviced. With 13 regions benefiting from a daily Grab One deal, it's only a matter of time before 4 million vouchers are sold!

But for the next few days we'll be religiously checking the GrabOne homepage in anticipation of the 1 million rollover. The counter is currently at 993,000 today (Wednesday). Any prizes for the millionth customer I wonder?

Be the millionth: GrabOne.co.nz

Posted: Tue 26 Apr 2011


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