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Grabone Store takes on 1day

The all new GrabOne Store is set to shake things up in the NZ daily deals market. Grab One, the site that brought group buying to the New Zealand mainstream has entered the physical products arena, in a head on challenge to 1day.

Since launching in July 2010, Grab One has grown like a wild thing. With the dominant position in the voucher market, they are now looking to go hard in the products space.

1day.co.nz is the king of the daily deal. In the hard-goods they are number 1, by a long shot. But Grab One would like to change that. 1day have already closed down 1DayOut due to the vouchers market being so competitive, no doubt due to the likes of GrabOne.

No one has been able to come close to 1day dominance in products, but if anyone can give them a run for their 30 million annual turnover its GrabOne. After testing products deals on the main GrabOne site, they've discovered there is definitely demand for a products offering.

The Grab One Store is joint venture between GrabOne and FirstIn. Firstin already operate a product deals site at firstin.co.nz. This company was actually the first kiwi site to offer daily deals back in 2004. A few year before 1day.

So essentially, its two against one. FirstIn will provide the products, and logistics. GrabOne will provide the traffic, marketing and user database. My opinion is that GrabOne Store will easily become No2 product deals site before the end of the year.

Some might say that overtaking 1day is out of the question. But in just one year, GrabOne has gone from Zero to 57 million - double 1day's turnover.

While shipping 57 million in products is a different to the equivalenbt in vouchers, the partnership with FirstIn means it's entirely possible. Either way, this battle means plenty more great deals for kiwi consumers, and thats the whole point :)

Check out the deals at GrabOneStore.co.nz

Posted: Wed 13 Jul 2011


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