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GrabOne's New Voucher Guarantee

A few months ago GrabOne amended their voucher expiry policy to be fairer to all customers. Previously all vouchers had an expiry date. If you hadn't redeeemed your voucher by the date, you lost the voucher value.

GrabOne's new voucher guarantee extend the voucher expiry but adding a small change. Now if a voucher expires, the money is not all gone. You can redeem the voucher for the actual amount you paid for a period of 3 months.

So say you paid $50 on GrabOne for a $100 restaurant voucher. You mucked around and didn't redeem the voucher in time. When you go to the restaurant you can use the original $50 you paid as credit with the restaurant. Sure you won't get the original deal, but let's face it you need to keep on top of things :)

The new change means that you don't lose any money, but you do lose the original deal. We think 3 months is long enough. Most vouchers have a 3 month expiry so with the new 3 month window you have 6 months to use your voucher (with the last 3 months being the original amount paid.)

Sure it wouldn be great to have no expiry dates whatsoever, but the point of the voucher is to use it! GrabOne also now send regular email reminders when your vouchers are approaching their expiry date so you have no excuse not to use your voucher. Why wait! Plenty of good food and fun to be had! Use your voucher! :)


Posted: Mon 09 Feb 2015


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