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Groupawn – This guy lived off Groupons for a whole year

Only in America! Josh Stevens from Chicago (who calls himself the GrouPAWN) lived his entire life, solely on Groupon coupons. He managed to sustain this for a whole year. I guess somebody had to do it.

His website is LiveOffGroupon.com, a daily blog dedicated to experiencing groupon deals across the USA. He ate out everyday, and also participated in adventure type activities along the way. He’s become a bit of a celebrity, appearing on the Today Show, among others.



The whole exercise was a marketing initiative by Groupon. Josh had unlimited access to Groupon deals, he travels round the US experiencing and reviewing the businesses that feature deals on the site each day. He even spent some tim in London, England.

On one particular day, he had a balloon ride, did a pottery class, ate lunch at a restaurant, went quad biking, got a haircut, and had dinner at another restaurant. He does a similar scehdule easch day, travelling around the USA. Seems like a pretty sweet deal.

The catch was he was not allowed any money. He must trade Groupon Coupons for the things he need that are not on the site. Unfortunately, Josh it seems has put on a lot of weight in his 12 months of deals. No doubt due to eating out everyday. I’m not sure it’s such a great thing!

This leads me to an idea. What about a deals site dedicated solely to healthy food and health related stuff like Gyms and outdoor activities? Coupons offered for Juice bars and health food stores. Now that’s an idea.




Posted: Tue 26 Jul 2011


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