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TRICK: How you can still buy GrabOne deals after they expire

Missed that daily deal on GrabOne because you couldn't make up your mind? There is a new way to buy yesterday's deals that have expired! Read on.

Over the last few years, we've all been trained by daily deals sites to look to the countdown timer to see when a deal will expire. We know that there is not much time to grab a deal, so we usually grab it right there to avoid missing out. We know from experience that if we think about the deal overnight, we often forget to check the site the next day. Deal missed!

Now it seems that you can still purchase deals that have expired on Grab One, through a secret trick we've discovered. Well to be honest it's not a secret trick, but it's a little known way than you can indeed buy expired deals.

Simply go to any GrabOne page. Just under the GrabOne logo you'll see a little timer icon, on the deal category bar. If you hover over that you can see how many expired deals are still available for you to purchase. Today it says "See 121 deals you might have missed over the weekend but can still grab". If you click on the icon, you are taken to a page where you can still buy all of the expired deals!

So in essence, the countdown timer on deals is really a marketing gimmick. If you can grab the deals after the timer has ended then it's not really a daily deal. It seems that the deals sites, in an effort to maximise revenue are coming up with new ways to sell more. And a simple way to do this is to offer expired deals for a short period after they end.

Everyone is still trained to believe that a deal expires for good once the counter hits zero, but this isn't the case anymore. When everybody catches on to this, the timer idea is toast. No one will believe the timer, and on-the-spot impulse buying will reduce a lot. Impulse buying is what drives daily deals, so this idea may not be a good one long term for deals sites. For consumers, its going to be a little confusing, but overall a good thing because it means that you have more time to think about deals. Only downside is forgetting to go back to the site!


Posted: Mon 29 Jul 2013


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