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Kiwis good at re-gifting (and not getting caught)

Groupon undertook a survery recently across the Asia Pacific Region including 993 New Zealanders. According to the survey 45 percent of kiwis had regifted their unwanted gifts in the past.

This contrasts to only 19% getting caught doing it. So this essentially means that kiwis are a sneaky bunch, and quite good at it!

More than half of the Aussie respondents had re-gifted so that allows us to feel a little better about ourselves. In India, there was less re-gifting but more people got caught at 33%, twice the discovery rate of kiwis.

The average kiwi gave 11 presents away at Christmas which was above the regional norm of 6 gifts. Interestingly Phillipinos gave an average of 25 presents making them the most generous country.

Source: NZ Herald

Posted: Fri 31 Jan 2014


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