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Living Social now Australia’s Number 1 daily deals site

According to DailyDealMedia.com, World No2 voucher deal site LivingSocial.com has become Australia’s number one. LivingSocial launched in Australia in November 2010. The rapidly growing company also owns a second Aussie deals site called Jump On It.

living social australia

LivingSocial Australia reportedly recorded the largest number of unique browsers in June. Deals site Catch of the Day was the casualty, being narrowly overtaken. Still, these browser studies are not 100% accurate. They also don't take into account sales. But hopefully we can gather some truth, and certainly credit LivingSocial for the inroads after being in the aussie market only 10 months.

As for New Zealand, LivingSocial launched in the NZ market 2 - 3 months ago, but this late entry may be too late to grab a foot hold here. GrabOne is firmly entrenched as the market leader, with a claimed 65% of the Group buying market. It seems that Kiwi companies usually beat out larger US sites, by starting earlier, and executing well on a local level. TradeMe beating eBay in NZ is a great example.

The NZ daily deals market is pretty stitched up by GrabOne. It would be very hard to knock GrabOne off its perch. And it seems the likes of Groupon NZ and Living Social NZ aren’t trying, preferring to remain in the main centres of Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch.

Posted: Wed 31 Aug 2011


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