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Best Kickstarter Campaign Ever: Meh.com (Deals)

According to the Woot.com deal site founder Matt Rutledge, daily deals are Meh. Rutledge  created the worlds first daily deal site which had always poked fun at both the products it was selling, and even the customers that would by them.

Matt soon brought on his brother Dave who has an interesting sense of humour. Those funny products descriptions we see on various deal sites, originated from Dave's daily quips on Woot.

It was these left-field daily product descriptions that made the deals concept stand out, and kept people coming back each day. The reason deals sites attempt to write quirky deal descriptions to this very day - is because of Dave Rutledge.

As with all popular things online, Woot.com became known in the mainstream and was eventually bought by Amazon. Over time the site was expanded from offering just one product per day to dozens, and then hundreds. Unfortunately Amazon focused more on selling goods, and lost the fun, quirky aspect of the site in the process.

So the original founder of Woot.com has decided to bring the fun back to daily deals by starting a KickStarter campaign to form a new site. In his irreverent style, the KickStarter campaign from beginning to end is a laugh.

The name of the new site says it all: Meh.com. The campaign pages features a funny video with the quirky troll mascot who pokes fun at every aspect of both the site, and society.

The description of the new site is not very convincing. He tears the entire idea to shreds and basically tells you you're an idiot if you invest money in the campaign. It's no insulting, rather it's ridiculously quirky.

It's all the more funny that he is asking for money. If you read the whole thing, and decided to invest some money ($1-$100) then you really do see the funny side of things.

Rutledge's main angle is that no sites that do just one daily deal any more. Deal sites offer so many products at once, so many deals and promotions that you may as well just go to the mall there are that many products on "sale".

Gone are the days of one deal, one great product at a discounted price. There is no focus anymore. The classic daily deal site is dead. And he wants to bring it back.

The founder doesn't exactly need the cash, Amazon bought the site for millions. The campaign seems more like a free marketing campaign for Meh.com - so it just shows how smart the guy is. I mean I'm writing about it here aren't I.

The campaign page has a great video that it worth a watch:


Also be sure to read the campaign description. I actually couldn't believe some of the things written! The KickStarter campaign ran from Jun 25 - 29 and it's exceeded it's budget of $10,000 so it seems that people think the idea has merit.

The site has now launched to the public:


Posted: Wed 09 Jul 2014


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