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Mighty Mart: Daily Deals on Groceries

Leading online retailer MightyApe.co.nz has just launched a new site called MightyMart.co.nz. The daily deals site offers non-perishable food items like lollies, drinks, catering size products and bulk outers like 12 packs of soft drink.

Mighty Mart look to be focusing on 20-40 deals changing weekly, rather than having the same stocked items all the time. According to a recent NBR article, MightyMart spokesman Matt East says that he dosen't expect people to switch their grocery buying over to them. Instead they will have select items such as treats, novelties or items for parties, as well as some bulk deal items. You will be able to save a lot looking at some of today's specials such as: 12 Bottles of Mizone for $14.00, and 25% off Dog Food.

Main site MightyApe started as a bit of a nerds paradise several years ago. They sold only games and computer parts under their Gameplanet store brand. Over time they added Books and DVD's to become more of an Amazon-style super site. These days they offer hundreds of thousands of products from gift items to household items. MightyApe recently past 200,000 fans on Facebook, to go into something as universal as groceries seems logical.

Food is also an interesting move considering that 1day.co.nz have tested it in the past, and pulled their fortnightly grocery sales. SupermarketSaver.co.nz is the only real site offering daily deals on groceries. I would have thought that groceries would be a great vertical for daily deals, as distributors often have stock they need to move fast, before the expiry date. Everyone who has tried hasn't lasted very long, bar SupermarkerSaver.co.nz.

Let's hope MightyMart.co.nz is here to stay.

Posted: Mon 03 Jun 2013


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