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Multiple Deals now standard for GrabOne

NZ daily deals market leader GrabOne now has multiple deals per day as a standard thing. Typically, group buying sites have only offered one per day. The nature of the business model has been to focus on one deal to keep things straightforward for consumers.

Another reason most NZ group buying sites have only offered one per day is that organizing one great deal per day, per region has been a struggle. But not so, for GrabOne.co.nz with over 60 staff organizing deals, they have the surplus manpower to start promoting multiple deals each day. And that’s exactly what they are doing. Now when you visit the Grab One Auckland page you are greeted with up to 5 different deals!

The deals are arranged into categories along the top of the deal photo area. Checking on GrabOne Auckland on a Monday we can see categorized deals for Accommodation, Movies, Theater and Hair Salon.

Monday 11 April: The movie deal is not even on todays homepage, you have to click thru to it. Yet is has sold 6,400 tickets already. Proof that multiple deals can work in each area.  And lets not get started with the 12 other regions GrabOne services – they have multiple deals in several regions!

So now group buying sites are offering even more value to consumers and businesses. What started as a single deal per day model, is now effectively working as a multideal website.

Update: Yazoom are now offering multideals each day, as well as Spreets and Groupy. Seems multi deals are here to stay - great news if you are in Auckland. Lets hope they roll them out to other centres.


See the Auckland Deals page on One Day Deals to see multiple deals

Posted: Thu 14 Apr 2011


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