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Open Letter to Businesses considering running a daily deal

Dear Business Owner and Staff,

Wow, thankyou for offering a deal for your business on ABC Deals site. I bought your deal online, and I’ll be coming in to your store tomorrow.

I have never heard of your business before but I thought I would give you a try as I need to get your service (haircut, wof, holiday) anyway. I guess I took a bit of a risk trying you out, as I pulled out my credit card, made the payment, yet I haven’t heard of your business before.

Now, being that I’m new to receiving your service, I don’t know yet if I will become a long term customer. I do have a choice over which business I chose to go to long term and I am looking out for the right business to choose.

I guess I’m waiting for a business to really impress me, before I decide to become a long term customer with them.

Your business really appealed to me, so I’m hoping that I have a good experience tomorrow. I can’t promise anything, but if all goes well, and I receive good service, there’s a good chance I will choose your business long term.

So when I ring later on today to book, I hope that I’ll be treated well on the phone, even when I mention that I have a voucher from ABC Deals site.

When I come in tomorrow I’m hoping that I would be greeted nicely. And I hope that I even though I have paid half price, I receive the same, or better service than a normal customer does.

Just because I have a voucher dosen’t automatically mean I’m a cheapskate all the time. I’d appreciate it if I wasn’t made to feel like a second class customer. I could have easily have chosen my (haircut, wof, holiday) from another business.

I have a lot of disposable income, but I find daily deals a great way to be introduced to new places to spend my money.

While it is my decision whether I come back again after the deal, a lot of this is up to you. If I get treated badly then I definitely won’t come back, and I’ll mention my experience to my friends on Facebook and Twitter.

So, that’s all I wanted to say. I really hope I am knocked off my socks when I come in tomorrow.


Your Future Customer

P.S. Please also take a look at: OneDayDeals Tips for Running a Daily Deal. There is lots of good advice in there for businesses running a daily deal.



This humourous yet serious open letter stems from an experience I had a bowling alley.

Posted: Thu 26 May 2011


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