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Supermarket Deals

Supermarket Deals seem to be the new hot category when it comes to NZ daily deals. There are now 3 sites offering daily deals on those everyday grocery items we need.  Not as exciting as brand-name lifestyle products, but lets face it we spend the bulk of our income at the supermarket, so the deals are more than welcome.

New Zealand seems to be following in the footsteps of the Australian market. Over there, supermarket daily deals are hot with even some of the major supermarkets running their own sites.

Woolworths, one of the major supermarket chains in Australia launched DoorBuster.com.au this year. The site, as you guessed it offers grocery and everyday household products. Another notable site is SupermarketDeals.com.au.

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New Zealand Supermarket Deals

There are now several NZ sites offering grocery deals each week. The players are:


Run as " The Grocery Run" through the GrabOneStore site. Deals are offered every Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.

Supermarket Saver

Supermarket Saver offer a full catalogue every day, and also have 3 daily specials priced at $1 each.


Grocery Grab is 1day's offering with deals every second Moday.

So we have the big players 1day and GrabOne dipping their toes, and Supermarket Saver is offering deals every day. It will be interesting to see if the New Zealand supermarkets attempt to cut out the middle man (deal sites) and form their own websites. With existing customer databases, supermarket-owned sites might provide a challenge to the existing Grocery Deals sites.

Historically though, large corporations are slow to move into growth areas, so whether they get smart like their Australian cousins remains to be seen. Food deals may even start appearing on the Warehouse's daily deals site.

Go ahead and have a browse at the 3 sites above. If between Tuesday and Saturday then SupermarketSaver.co.nz is the only site offering deals every day.

Remember we now have a page where you can view all todays Grocery Daily Deals.

Posted: Tue 22 May 2012


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