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SupermarketSaver.co.nz launches Grocery Daily Deals

There's a new daily deals site that has just launched, and its a new concept - Grocery daily Deals. SupermarketSaver.co.nz has been running for a few months but they have just launched their daily deals category. Now not only can you grab everyday low prices on supermarkets products, but you can save even more with their daily deals!

supermarket saver daily deals

Over in Australia, the big supermarkets are getting on the daily deals band wagon and starting deals site of their own. Now the grocery daily deals concept has hit New Zealand.

As you know, 1day.co.nz has recently started a fortnightly "Grocery Grab" offering everyday grocery items. The only problem is that at this stage 1day is only offering deals every second Monday. The new "Supermarket Saver" website goes one step further by offering daily deals EVERY DAY!

For the grocery concept to really take off it needs to be every day, so we're glad that someone has come to the party. On SupermarketSaver.co.nz, each day there are 3 x $1 deals! The products on offer are everyday brands that you know and love.

As well as Daily Deals you can do browse the grocery catalogue on the site. The product categories are extensive with kitchen bathroom, Kids, Mens' Hardware - all the stuff you'd find in your local supermarket. In terms of brands on offer there are all the big names including Gilette, Impulse, L'Oreal, Airwick, Oral B, Savlon the list goes on.

We welcome this concept to the New Zealand daily deals world, and hope that every one will check them out and grab some bargains!


Posted: Mon 14 May 2012


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