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The Best Deals are found online...

GrabOne recently surveyed over 7,000 customers and the results are in!

When asked about buying online in general, 95.5% of respondents felt that the best deals are found online vs physical stores. And it's no wonder. Online you can research prices, compare the specs of products and search for deals on the spot. Buying in stores you are limited to the deals, that the one or two stores you have time to visit, are offering.

Survey respondents also felt that personal service (46%) and no waiting for delivery (57%) were the main reasons why one would choose a store over buying online. And I guess these will always be a factor for online purchases over retail. Although Amazon.com is looking to change things in the US with same day delivery on orders.

Rather than have a central warehouse in the middle of the United States, Amazon is now locating up to 10 warehouses across the country where the most people live. This means they can offer next day or even same day delivery for online orders. This is Amazon's plan to become the number one choice for buying anything online.

Here in New Zealand we are a small country and delivery dosen't take too long, but wouldn't same day delivery be great. I wonder who will be the first daily deal site to offer this?

What are your thoughts? Do you prefer to go to a physical store, or buy online and wait for delivery? Let us know on our Facebook page

Posted: Mon 29 Oct 2012


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