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NEW SITE: The Customer Advantage Launches in NZ

The Customer Advantage is a new daily deals site launching today. With over 280,000 members already worldwide, The Customer Advantage (or TCA for short) is a global company headquartered in the USA. The NZ arm of the site has been in development recently and is run by New Zealanders. The site offers daily deals from local businesses.

TCA is a little different from other deals site. Firstly, you need to be a member to see the deals. Secondly, you can earn up to 25% of the price of deals purchased by friends that you refer to join. If your friends refer their friends to join, then you earn 5% commission of the deals they buy. All the way down to 5 levels of referrals. This menas you can earn up to 25% of all deals purchased, by people you refer, and people they refer! Sounds like a great idea eh!

You can join for free here but clicking on the green join now button. (Close the video)

There are at least 3 special reasons that make TCA stand out from all other deals sites.

1. Unlike other “Daily Deal” Sites, TCA gives back a portion of each sale to it's members. When you join TCA (it's free to join), you will be given a special link that you can share with friends (if you choose to). If a friend signs up under your link, and ends up making a deal purchase down the line, then you receive a 5% commission credited to your account!

2. A second way that members can earn money is to use the site for fundraising. Get your local club to start an account, and have all their club members and their families join. Whenever one of their members makes a deal purchase, the club makes the commission. A club (or anyone for that matter) can potentially make a residual commission long term, when their referred members buy deals.

3. There is also an extra aspect to super charge earnings. TCA pays back 5% commission on each deal purchased down 5 levels of referrals. So you can earn money on people you refer, and even on people those people refer, up to 5 steps from you. This means you can earn up to 25% of all deals purchased be people you refer, and people they refer. TCA can do this because because they save on traditional marketing costs this way, and they want to reward their members, and fundraisers who help build the site.

With all these added benefits, it may sound a little complex, but in essence it's simple. Join to get great deals. If you want to refer your friends and earn 5% commission on their purchases, then you can share your link. Spread the word about great deals, and be rewarded for what you do naturally. If you'd rather just grab deals for yourself, and not refer anyone that's totally up to you. Referrals are just a bonus to TCA.

- TCA is free to join and always will be.

- No selling or referring required. Daily deals are available to purchase with no obligations.

- Initially most deals will be either National deals or deals focused in Auckland but other areas will be underway in the next month or two.

Watch the Video here: here

To join, click on the green Join now tab: here

Posted: Fri 01 Nov 2013


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