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What was the First NZ Daily Deals site?

With the continued popularity of daily deals sites in NZ we though it might be interesting to research who the first kiwi daily deal site was.

Most people would say that 1day was the first daily deals site. 1day were certainly the site that brought daily deals to the mainstream in June 2007, but they weren't the first.

1day logo nz

1day first deals site

1day on Archive.org

The earliest daily deals site we could find was FirstIn.co.nz. FirstIn launched on Dec 20, 2004. Yes 5 and a half years ago. Check out their first homepage:

first daily deals site in new zealand nz

FirstIn on Archive.org

So FirstIn launched about 2 and a half years before 1day - a little known fact.  2007 brought not only 1day, but OffTheBack.co.nz. OfftheBack who went live in December 2007.

off the back nz

OffTheBack on Archive.org


What about worldwide? It could be impossible to find who set up the first deal a day site worldwide but most credit this to Woot.com. Woot launched in October 2004 (just a few months before FirstIn).

woot nz

Woot on Archive.org

Now in 2011, there are thousands of daily deals sites, from sites dedicated to electronics, toys thru to voucher deals in every major city in the world. Daily Deals and the 1daysale concept are here to stay!


Credit to http://web.archive.org for historical information.

Posted: Thu 02 Jun 2011


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