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Wine Daily Deals are everywhere now

It seems wine daily deals are hot property among the Kiwi deals sites. TreatMe has recently announced they will be running regular wine deals alongside their group buying deals. This puts TreatMe is line with the other leading group buying sites.

Market leader Grab One launched GrabOneBottle several years ago, and it still looks to be going strong. Not to be outdone, World No1 Groupon recently launched a new addition to their site in the form of Groupon Grog.

What is it that makes wine a good product to offer deals on? I guess the wine industry works on volume. They produce a large annual volume, and then need to clear it before next season. There's no point having thousands of cases sitting around when it could be turned in to cash overnight.

Interestingly, 1day was the first deals site to offer daily deals on wine. Their 1-day Cellar site was the original and the format was quickly copied by Grab One. 1-day cellar has since shut down, without a clear reason for doing so. Perhaps selling alcohol didn't fit in with their core competency. It's strange that this has happened, but it goes in line with 1day also closing down their 1dayOut group buying site.

The fact that 1day has shut down two verticals owes more to the fact that they want to focus on consumer items. The fact that they shut down their wine offering hasn't deterred these other players. They probably think it's great not having to worry about a large competitor like 1day.

You can check out Wine Deals on the following sites:

Groupon Grog

Posted: Mon 24 Jun 2013


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